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FP Belt Drive Kit of Xeon Series

FP Belt Drive Kit of Xeon Series
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GS3-6209 CNC Tail Hub
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CNC Swashplate
Neon Series Conversion Kit Manual
Neon Series Conversion Kit
Product No. Main Shaft Diameter Tail Boom Mount Diameter Tail Boom Length
GN3-4011 3mm 12mm 275mm
GN3-4012 5mm 12mm 275mm
Product Introduction:
For those beloved 300 class helicopter, the troublesome tail is lethal weakness. The Neon series Belt Drive conversion kit is designed to solve this problem in a Cost Effective way. In the conversion kit, you will have the Neon Series Fiber Frame, in 12mm boom mount, plus a 275mm Tail Boom and the full tail kit. You are able to select different main shaft diameter in order to fit your head. Different main / tail gear ratio can be achieved via different Belt Gear pairs. (optional from 3.6~4.2) So for low headspeed FP, you may have a higher ratio to keep the tail tight.
Key Features:
- Compatible with Guru-Z platform
- Completely solve the motor drive tail problem
- Cost effective
- Durable frame
- Wide variety of parts choice
- Optional Belt Gear Pairs (for different Head/Tail ratio)
Product Installation Examples:
Side view of main frame Close view of tail rotor
(Side view of main frame)
1. Position of motor can be adjusted to fine tune the tightness of gears.
2. Tail boom is fixed by set screw, belt tightness can be fine tuned easily.
(Close view of tail rotor)
1. Ball-bearing and ball-link control arm provide a smooth and precision rudder.
Close view of belt transmission system Whole view of the conversion kit
(Close view of belt transmission system) (Whole view of the conversion kit).
Class: 300
Motor: 30mm(D) x 35mm(H)
Servo Layout: 90deg FP/ 120 deg CCPM (Stack up)
Battery Tray: 40mm(W) x 28mm(H)
Compatible Head: 3mm / 5mm Main Shaft
Main gear: 140T
Belt gear: 40T
Tail gear 11T
Main-Tail ratio: 40:10 (optional 42:11, 42:10, 40:11)
Tail Boom Length: 275mm
Tail boom diameter: 12mm
Tail shaft diameter: 3mm
Tail rotor diameter: 137mm
Recommended Blade: ~255mm (Blade CP size)
Packing of conversion kit Packing of conversion kit
Product No. Size (Length x Height x Width) Weight Quantity Per Package Package Size (Length x Height x Width) Package Weight
GN3-4011 365mm(L)x 115mm(H)x150mm(W) 0.51 kg 6 490mm(L)x 265mm(H)x220mm(W) 3.85 kg
GN3-4012 365mm(L)x 115mm(H)x150mm(W) 0.54 kg 6 490mm(L)x 265mm(H)x220mm(W) 4.10 kg
Neon Series Conversion Kit Snapshot Neon Series Conversion Kit Snapshot Neon Series Conversion Kit Snapshot Neon Series Conversion Kit Snapshot Neon Series Conversion Kit Snapshot
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