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FP Belt Drive Kit of Xeon Series

FP Belt Drive Kit of Xeon Series
CNC Tail Hub

GS3-6209 CNC Tail Hub
CNC Swashplate (3mm/5mm)

CNC Swashplate

The new Boron series

Coming Soon

After a year of silence, Guru-Z comes up with a new product: The Boron Series! It will be available in Dec, 2011. Get ready for the new impact!

Manual Dec 10, 2011
GZ-BB41 Boron Series Manual is available

Manual of [GZ-BB41] Boron-Smallest bluetooth controlled car, is now avaliable in pdf format.

Manual Mar 24, 2010
GX3-4451 Xeon Series FP Belt Drive Kit Manual

Manual of [GX3-4451] Xeon Series FP Belt Drive Kit Manual is now avaliable in pdf, pps format.

Manual Jan 21, 2010
GQH-5031 CP Rotor Head Manual

Other than ".doc" format, manual of [GQH-5031] CP Rotor Head Manual is now avaliable in pdf, image(zip).

Product News Jan 2, 2010
Discontinue of [GS3-2109] 3x75mm Shaft
GS3-2109 vs GS3-2113

[GS3-2109] 3x75mm Stainless Steel Shaft will be replaced by [GS3-2113] 3x75/80mm Stainless Steel Shaft.

They are fully compatible and read the diagram for details!

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