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Do you feel tired or difficulties when you try to screw the little balls on servo horn or mixer arm? Now we provide you a new solution, balls insertion tool!



Most of the pilots will measure pitch by a pitch meter. This is the traditional method used for many years. But there are many factors affecting the accuracy of the measurement.
  • Flybar is not at horizontal level. (Small difference depends on Mixer ratio setup)
  • Blade is not perpendicular to the flybar. (Tiny angle error gives big measure difference)
  • Pitch meter is not clamped on the blade in parallel. (Tiny angle error gives big measure difference)

All these tolerance sum up will give over 0.5 degree error of readings, or even 1 degree for some pilots. This is why we normally use another method to measure the pitch.


Have you try out our new CP rotor head? You should grab one right now if you haven’t!

The most common question you may got is “How do I set the pitch to zero?”. Here is a quick tutorial teach you how to get this job done easily!

Fig.1 Some pilots find that it is hard to insert the screws to the parts, which they easily slip away. Here is a tip. Take the mixer arm as an example. Decide which hole you are going to use. Also which side you wish to secure the ball (The…

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4.75mm ball and ball-link are the most common combination in 400 class market, while 3.5mm ball and ball-link dominates the 300 class market. Smaller size of ball has less angle of joint due to the screw size cannot be too small. For bigger size, it is a kind of overhead that…

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