Our system provides three kinds of gear ratio (main gear : tail gear)
  • 1 : 4.20
  • 1 : 3.82
  • 1 : 4.00
  • 1 : 3.64
Pilots need to choose the correct gear ratio to suit their helicopter. Here is some basic rules:
  1. Limited the tail rotor headspeed with in safety range, max. is 12000rpm Too high headspeed will CAUSE SERIOUS DAMAGE AND HAZARDS
  2. Tail rotor headspeed should be high enough to give a powerful and sensitive rudder ( at least enough for gyro control)
  3. Too high tail rotor headspeed will cause tail hunting
  4. Using longer and heavier blade requires a stronger rudder; Higher headspeed or long rotor blade may helps.
  5. Longer tail will gives a strong tail, low headspeed tail rotor will be sufficient.
  6. FP helicopter uses a low headspeed tail; CP helicopter uses a high headspeed tail;
Here is our gear lists for different ratio combination:
  • [GS3-2406] 40T belt gear, [GS3-2407] 42T belt gear,
  • [GS3-2417]10T tail gear, [GS3-2418] 11T tail gear.