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We are glad to announce our new product – GS3-2423 Tail Boom Support. It can further reinforce the structure of tail boom and fiber frame. With the support of 2 x 2mm Carbon Fiber force, viberation from tail can be damped away, which gives a more solid rudder to the whole helicopter.

We have established a new version of landing skid, a fillet weld is added into the design to reinforce the whole structure of the skid. The landind skid is now become more durable and take a less chance to break during hard landing or crash

We develope different kind of CNC Swashplate models to fit different helicopters and pilots. All in one CNC swashplate Support 90° and 120 ° CCPM or normal mechanical cyclic movement 3mm and 5mm version available Widely compatibility Model#: GS3-6203, GS3-6204 90° CNC swashplate Support 90° CCPM or normal…

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