Structure of GS3-6203, GS3-6204 Structure of GS3-6206, GS3-6208 Structure of GS3-6205, GS3-6206, GS3-6207, GS3-6208
Swashplate is one the most important part of a helicopter, all kind of cyclic movement and pitch changes involved the swashplate. An advanced swashplate allows pilot control the helicopter precisely. Beside precision, aligment angle is another important point for a swashplate. With a large alignment angle, the helicopter can react faster and use small scale mixer in cyclic. It is obvious in FP or low head speed helicopter. To provide a precise and slopless movement. The center of our CNC swash consists of a precise Nylon Grommet (blue) which confirm silky smooth and no slop. The big eye-ball in our swashplate allow the swash to turn over a larger degree.