Some pilots find that it is hard to insert the screws to the parts, which they easily slip away. Here is a tip. Take the mixer arm as an example. Decide which hole you are going to use. Also which side you wish to secure the ball (The mixer arm are able to secure the ball at both sides to get different flying characteristics). In this example, we use 2nd hole from the right. (fig. 1)

Use the tiny screw driver to drill it 2 rounds (fig. 2) to make the mouth of the hole a bit bigger (fig. 3). Then insert the screws and the ball then secure it. (fig. 4)



Besides, if it is allowed that to put the parts horizontally on a flat surface and secure the ball top side down, it will be easier as well.


Please understand that we need to use tiny screws for ball link to keep the angle big enough for high performance. Hope these 2 tips help.